Choose the best healthcare CRM for you.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Healthcare CRM

Whether your healthcare organization is replacing a generic CRM or activating one for the first time, understanding the standard functionality of popular solutions can save you time and money. Before you sit down for a demo, take a look a look at how these four CRM systems compare. We’ve also compiled frequently asked questions to help you become well acquainted with the world of healthcare CRM.

HIPAA Compliant/BAA
Built exclusively for healthcare
Live, Ongoing Training Included
Integrated Clinical & Business Data
Real-time LIS/EMR/HIS Integrations
Fast Activation
Holistic Patient & Provider Profiles Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics Sugar CRM
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Add-on Add-on
Custom Custom
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Still not sure whether you are considering the right healthcare CRM platform? Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Why should I look at a healthcare-specific CRM platform?

A CRM that is built exclusively for healthcare takes into account the unique needs of healthcare organizations. Rather than charging additional fees for basic features that healthcare organizations need, a healthcare-specific CRM is built from the ground up to quickly ingest and organize both clinical and business information so that all stakeholders gain a comprehensive view of each provider and patient relationship.

What’s a typical timeline look like for getting my team up and running on a CRM?

A healthcare-specific CRM fosters faster activation than generic CRMs– weeks instead of years – and can make a nearly immediate impact upon important initiatives such as blood & test utilization, quality management, and sales and outreach growth.

What else should I look for in a CRM platform besides standard contact management?

Your CRM should organize fragmented data, which for healthcare includes both clinical and business information, into a unified view. Key components of a robust CRM platform includes:

  • Process Automation: Automation allows team members to increase efficiency and maximize daily output. Workflows and processes are streamlined for the best internal experience possible.
  • Collaboration Capabilities: Emails, texts, and calls are all related back to cases and activities in the CRM and tracked in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.
  • Live Analytics: Real-time dashboards and reports give managers a holistic, 360-degree view into operations and allow leaders to stay on top of critical metrics and issues.

Why hc1 Understands the Unique Needs of Healthcare

As the #1 rated healthcare CRM vendor by users surveyed by KLAS Research, hc1 works with over 1,000 healthcare organizations across the globe.

100% of hc1 users surveyed by KLAS say, “they would buy hc1 again,” and, the hc1 platform is “a key part of their long-term plans.”

The hc1 platform -- which includes healthcare CRM and powerful analytics -- transforms fragmented data into knowledge.

Important initiatives such as blood and test utilization, population health management, laboratory outreach, and quality management quickly become actionable, measurable steps that guide healthcare organizations toward amazing service and profitable growth.